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Nick Ghanbarian of Bayside, Pomona, Ca

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Mike Champa of For All Those Sleeping, Pomona, Ca

The Ghost Inside, Ventura, Ca

Breathe Carolina, Pomona, Ca

Motionless in White, Pomona, Ca


Sam of Architects

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Born of Osiris, Pomona, Ca


It wouldn’t be enough to just say Crosses were amazing. You had to be there. I mean really, you had to hear/feel/move with the music that was coming from that stage that night. Just listening to their music isn’t enough, you have to experience it. A lot of times when I shoot a show I find that after I realize that I was only half listening while shooting. At this completely sold out show, I was forced to work harder than normal, move around and find more creative solutions to my obstructed views. When I realized I was in the VIP balcony, with no one behind me trying to get a better view, I stopped what I was doing and just sat back. Probably the best decision I could’ve made that night. I grew up listening to Deftones but I had never seen them before. It was completely amazing (and also kind of soothing, is that weird?) to me to hear Chino’s voice live and in person, not to mention the beautiful music coming from the rest of his band. If you haven’t go listen. Do it. Seriously.


-Jen Reightley


I made it just in time to hear some screaming for RAJ while they set up their gear. Other than the very excited women, the rest of the audience seemed calm, they knew the remainder of the music that night would be amazing. RAJ’s set was actually rather short, but that didn’t stop this band’s melodic notes from lulling the audience (myself included) into a sort of peaceful trance. It was nice to hear something beautiful, yet different than the type of music that Crosses would be playing.

Anonymous asked: I'm really wanting to get into concert photography but every time I've attempted I get really grainy pictures because I have the ISO at some crazy level. Any advice on some general settings that work best for you that I can try? I use a Nikon D600

Some cameras just can’t handle higher ISO settings. You could also try opening your aperture more. My old camera couldn’t go higher than about 900/1000 before looking grainy.


And these lads are the reason why this all happened. A Day to Remember, all we have to say is thank you.  Without you, this wouldn’t have been possible. And I read that this is scheduled to be an annual event.  Trust me, we’ll be there. Self Help Fest 2014 was a complete success, and we can’t wait to see where you take the next one.  From pyrotechnics to cannons of confetti, to rolling around in a giant hamster ball, you guys made it a day to remember. Hah. Yeah, I just did that.  

In addition, after we left the pit, I went and laid on the lawn while they played If it Means a lot to You, and serenaded all my friends via snapchat singing along. I’m sure they appreciated that. 

Again. Thank you.


Photography by Jen Reightley

This was one for the books.


Bring Me The Horizon.  It is a well known fact that I am very fond of their most recent album release, Sempiternal.  I even rated it as the best album of 2013.  With that being said, I think these guys were the most motivating reason why I bought my ticket.  Oliver Sykes took the stage, and asked the crowd, “Put away your cameras, and your mobiles. Just live in the moment.” He then motioned to have the crowd split into a pit, and they obeyed. With songs from Shadow Moses, The House of Wolves, and It Never Ends, all the way back to Diamonds Aren’t Foreverthe band made an impact that resonated through San Bernardino, hearing thousands of voices shout in unison, “We will never sleep, cause sleep is for the weak. No we will never rest, till we’re all fucking dead.” They’re playing two more local shows this Friday and Sunday at Soma in San Diego.  Catch them if you can.  


Photography by Tyler Jo Gaines & Jen Reightley