Good times! (Photo by Jen Reightley)
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Nick Ghanbarian of Bayside, Pomona, Ca
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Wannabe is 18 years old ✌️
Mike Champa of For All Those Sleeping, Pomona, Ca
The Ghost Inside, Ventura, Ca
Breathe Carolina, Pomona, Ca
Motionless in White, Pomona, Ca

Sam of Architects
Born of Osiris, Pomona, Ca
Q: I'm really wanting to get into concert photography but every time I've attempted I get really grainy pictures because I have the ISO at some crazy level. Any advice on some general settings that work best for you that I can try? I use a Nikon D600

Some cameras just can’t handle higher ISO settings. You could also try opening your aperture more. My old camera couldn’t go higher than about 900/1000 before looking grainy.

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